Jewels of the Earth Exhibit: Orensanz Foundation

Davidson’s art wrap the acient walls of this historic environment with 62 constructions.
The patina of the gallery was in concert with Davidson’s JEWELS OF THE EARTH series and in some
instances it was hard to tell were the walls left off and the art began.
“At first I was overwhelmed with the space, the largest I had ever exhibited in to that point. But something
synergistic took place between the texture of the space and the art. A kind of harmony. The
works wern’t absorbed by the space which was my initial concern. Rather it was like walking into the
Al Orensanz, Director of the Orensanz foundation agreed, “For 150 years this space was waiting for you
and your pieces” he commented to Davidson.
Orensanz Foundation was established in 1992 by a group of experts in the visual and performing arts
as well as in the field of archetecture, historical preservation and urban design.
The foundation is housed in a neo-gothic building which was designed as a temple in 1850 by Berlin
architect, Alexander Saeltzer.
The foundation located in lower Manhattan at 172 Norfolk Street presents selected exhibits, performances
and symposiums.
For more information call 212.529.7194 or visit: