Archeoart Exhibit: Yellowbird Gallery

" …Davidson’s found objects have Surrealist tendencies and have perfected skills at assembling some of the
sorriest looking junk one might ever come across.” -D. Dominick Lombardi, ART REVIEWS, NY Times
"Davidson has maintained an intrigue with the found object over the years culminating in the production of
superior assembled artwork. The ironical, whimsical and extraordinary qualities of the found objects presents
a humorous dialogue, playful spirit and contemplative response to our culture through the iconography and
processes of (de)constructed assemblage.” -William C. Maxwell, Maxwell Fine Arts, Peekskil NY
"..Zenlike, one could say. A twisted log with a bolt running through it. Shovels of stuff attached to the wall.
A series of elegantly shaped feet from old clawfoot tubs, sat upright with hats on that match their womanly
names or, in one case, the image of Chairman Mao.” -Paul Smart, Woodstock Times
“The journey begins within the earth. Elements transformed by nature and man come to light; trees, automobiles,
cicadas, bottles. Eventually the objects return to the earth and deconstruct through oxidation, mineralization,
deterioration- patinas only time can paint.
The sculptures bring the objects to light again with new purposes, relationships and dependencies that stimulate
our imagination and give us a new sense of time and usage."
“Time, environment and circumstance integrate desperate objects through oxidation, mineralization
and deterioration, eventually returning most things to their original and mutual components. The aging
of materials exposed to the elements is a transitional process, a form of deconstruction and unification,”
says Davidson.
Davidson’s assemblages consists of natural and man-made material in various stages of decomposition.
The interrelationships of his discoveries result in highly involving abstract to literal constructions.
”Yellow Bird Gallery was pleased to present the work of Cragsmoor based artist, Charles Davidson.
The exhibition features some of Davidson’s classic pieces as well as newer works. -Dick Polich, Yellow Bird